Welcome To My Guitar Site!

I've been excited for a long time about getting this person blog dedicated to my own unique brand of guitar lessons for a while now... 3 years to be exact! But college and study have kept too busy to be able to take any action... until now.

I'm going to be concentrating my first efforts on teaching you the basics and showing you just how easy it is to get going playing guitar using nothing but the internet and online guitar lessons to teach yourself. What an age we live in. I'll start off with some of my favorite videos on this acoustic guitar lessons DVD.

When I was learning there wasn't any internet so we had to do things the old fashioned way learning from records and cassette tapes. It was analogue all the way. Somehow there's still a romance about that however and many would argue that you end up being a much better guitar player by learning that way in the first place. I think I agree. It makes sense because we really had to use our ear to learn a solo part or a song so it forced you to make a much stronger connection with your guitar.

When you can hear something in your head then immediately translate that into notes on your guitar fret board... and be right... that's when you're really a musician. What can hold you back from there? Nothing, only your own imagination.

The problem with a lot of today's players is that they really don't know what a lick or phrase is going to sound like until they actually play it. By learning from tabs and videos all the time you're really only teaching your fingers to play memorized patterns. That's very different from hearing a phrase in your head and translating that phrase direction to the guitar. See what I mean?

So all the great guitar players you probably like grew up learning in this old fashioned way - from Hendrix, to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Eddie Van Halen to Slash.

Now it might seem strange that I'm telling you all this stuff while at the same time promoting the fact that I've just started my very own guitar lessons website but... I'm going to be doing things just that bit differently as you'll soon find out! Consider it a hybrid approach. Lessons here won't be so easy... but if you follow along and do what I tell you, you WILL end up being a much, much better guitar player in one year from now when compared to your mate who may be learning the 'modern, lazy way'.

You'll just have to trust me on that one!

Stay tuned for the first batch of lessons arriving very soon to this site. I'll be putting the links to each one on this page.

If you're just too impatient to wait you can start here with a sample guitar lesson I put up last year.